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The Scottish Working Woods label

A new label for Scottish woodland products

The Scottish Working Woods label guarantees that products carrying it are made in Scotland, by producers based in Scotland, from woodland materials grown, harvested and processed in Scotland.

The emphasis of the label is to highlight small producers supplying quality products in ways which benefit the environment and rural communities. In this way many small businesses together can create a recognised and valued brand, raising the profile of their products.

This is an independent product label, owned and managed by a consortium of trade associations in Scotland. It was launched at Touchwood / Scottish Woodfair in Dingwall in June 2007, with the support of Scottish Enterprise and Forestry Commission Scotland.

See the Scottish Working Woods website for more information.

Download a full colour flyer about the label here (PDF file, 732 KB).

Can wild harvests businesses use the label?

Many of Scotland's wild harvests come from woodlands, and come under the definition of "non-timber forest products" (NTFPs), so people using them are potentially eligible to use the Scottish Working Woods label. However, the scheme is designed to be administered through existing trade associatons - this is to keep bureaucracy, and therefore costs, to a minimum. Only members of those trade associations can apply to use the label.

Reforesting Scotland was consulted about NTFP issues during the development of the Scottish Working Woods label, and while there was no direct representation from NTFP businesses, continued to be involved in the process. It started the Wild Harvests Sector Support project to facilitate the formation of a representative group for the wild harvests sector - which now exists, in the form of the Scottish Wild Harvests Association. Members of this Association could apply to use the Scottish Working Woods label for their products - do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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