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Directory of Scottish wild harvests businesses

The businesses listed here are just a fraction of the businesses in Scotland which are trading in wild harvested and woodland products. We have aimed to include enough just to show the amazing range of enterprises that are out there.

Over the last few years Reforesting Scotland has worked to provide opportunities for people from these kinds of businesses to meet each other and to discuss the issues and opportunities they have in common. In April 2009 this work led to the formation of the Scottish Wild Harvests Association.


Ann Miller's Mushrooms Ltd

Mushroom spawn, plus DIY kits and inoculated logs, for people who want to grow their own mushrooms.

Barwinnock Herbs

Herb nursery - many native Scottish woodland species.

Borders Bulbs

Snowdrops and aconites, both in the green and dry.

Cairn O'Mohr Winery

Country wines from local wild and cultivated plants.

Caledonian Wildfoods

Buyers and sellers of a range of wild-collected food products, particularly mushrooms.

Cambo Estate

Snowdrops, snowflakes and aconites - bulbs sold in the green, and 70 acres of woodland open to the public in season.


Natural dyed wool and felt, photographs, forest garden, willow work.

Ella Drinks - Bouvrage

Upmarket soft drinks manufacturer selling raspberry- and blaeberry-based drinks.

Forest Enterprise Venison

Forestry Stewardship Council-certified wild venison.


Shropshire-based specialist seed supplier, including seeds of Scottish provenance. Seasonal seed collectors sometimes required.

Galloway Honey

Rosebay willowherb honey - collected by moving the hives to the areas of rosebay willowherb that grow rampant in areas of forestry clearfell.

Gillies Fine Foods Ltd

Family business making jams, jellies and vinegars: local ingredients include rowan, elder and sloe.


For two months of the year, this business harvests holly and makes it into balls and garlands, which are sold locally as Christmas decorations.

Heather Ale Ltd

A range of ales including 'Ebulum' with elderberries and 'Alba' with spruce needles.

Highland Fine Cheeses

Produce cheese called Hramsa made with a mixture of traditional 'crowdie' and chopped wild garlic leaves.

Highland Game Ltd

Supplier specialising in wild venison from the Scottish Highlands. Some of the venison is from Forest Enterprise Scotland, certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Jane Wilkinson

Jane combines fine basketry techniques with the practicalities of hurdle making to produce outdoor woven structures which are both beautiful and functional; also basketry and courses

Keith Wintrup

Green wood crafts, and demonstrations - furniture making, willow chairs, willow sculptures, basketry etc. Manages willow collection at Wooplaw community woodlands.

Keltic Seafare

Seafood specialists who also supply wild mushrooms in season, delivering fresh to all parts of the United Kingdom and abroad. Mushrooms bought from local pickers.

Lise Bech

Immaculate traditional basketmaking skills taken to the level of art, in both baskets and other decorative pieces.

Lizzie Farey

Established artist, using Scottish grown willow and other natural materials, with techniques derived from traditional basketry.

McPhersons Atlantic

Wild mushrooms, including chanterelle, pied de mouton, saffron milkcap and chicken of the woods; Rhododendron foliage; salads and berries. The company buys from local pickers.

Moniack Castle Wineries

Family business, producing a range of drinks and preserves. NTFP species collected on or around the estate.

Rick Bestwick Ltd

This English-based dealer is a major outlet for Forest Enterprise Scotland's certified venison.

Rubha Phoil

15-acre forest garden - experimental, inspirational and educational site. Plant and native tree nursery, herbal teas and salads.

Scotia Seeds

Seeds of native Scottish wildflowers for gardening, conservation and habitat restoration.

Scottish Origins LLP

Woodland conservation and ecology consultancy, who are also specialist suppliers of Scottish native origin wildflowers and shrubs.

Skye Fruit and Fungi

Log-grown mushrooms, fresh and dried, and inoculated "pet" logs.

South West Community Woodlands

Not-for-profit organisation managing and replanting local woodlands. Locally coppiced hazel and local willow are used as materials for the courses and events which fund the project.

Strathspey Mushrooms

Wild mushrooms from Highland pine and birch woods collected by a team of between 100 and 150 casual pickers. Sold fresh or dried. Dried mushrooms are available by mail order.

Sustainable Designs

Courses, including woodland crafts and introductory Permaculture. Basketry willow grown on site, other materials coppiced elsewhere.


Tree nursery, raising seedlings from locally-harvested seeds, part of a woodland community.

Var Scotica

Suppliers of Scottish origin tree and shrub seeds, specialising in the supply of seed from trees and shrubs in difficult and remote locations, or from trees where climbing skills are essential.



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