Berry scoops

In Scandinavia there is a tradition of using these ingenious, simple devices for collecting small, fiddly, low-growing berries, especially blaeberries.

They are variously known as scoops, rakes or combs.


They have a long history. This old-style wooden scoop, from the village of Drevdagen in Dalarna, Sweden, has a hinged flap to catch the berries and keep them in until needed.

Wooden berry scoop

And they're still very much in use. This modern plastic scoop, also from Sweden, has a fixed half barrier that keeps the berries in place.

Plastic berry scoop
Blaeberries ready for scooping Plastic berry scoop in action Plastic berry scoop - close up

At the moment we don't know of anywhere that sells berry scoops in Scotland, though one or two people are experimenting with ways of making them.

Ray Mear's website has started selling Scandinavian berry scoops.

The Arctic Flavours website has more information about berry scoops and berry picking in Finland.

If you can tell us any more about berry scoops in Scotland, please email ForestHarvest with details!

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