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Wild Harvests species data

Today's gatherers

The Wild Harvests research project gathered impressions and stories from people who use NTFPs, giving a window into what foraging means day-to-day in modern Scotland. A lot of anecdotal information was collected about what species people are using, what they use them for, and whether they gather them for personal use, for gifts and the informal economy, or as part of their livelihood.

This data (presented in Appendix 3 of the Wild Harvests report) has now been incorporated into the ForestHarvest products and species directories.


Mushrooms - 'processed for sale'

When looking up fungi in the directories, you may notice that a lot say 'used to provide processed items for sale'. In most cases this means that they are gathered to be served in restaurants by collector-chefs. This is typical of the kind of small-scale, value-added contribution that NTFPs make to Scottish livelihoods.

Cover of the Wild Harvests report

Data from this report was added to the ForestHarvest species database as part of the Wild Harvests project, which was funded by Scottish Forestry Trust, Scottish Enterprise, Forestry Commission, and Forest Research.

The Wild Harvests report

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